生活, 学习, and 连接 at Tech

If 你’re like most college-bound students, 你 have an image for what 你 want in a college experience: excellent reputation, 具有挑战性的学者, 创新项目, 一流的设施, 恒星学院, and an exciting campus environment.

EVO真人 combines these assets with a supportive, 协作的社区, where 你’ll find people who are unbound by stereotypes or limitations. We embrace one another's talent and intelligence, and put it all to work to define what’s next. 

下一步是什么 ? 在科技, EVO真人厅分享的知识, EVO真人厅提供的工具, and the culture we’ve cultivated will help 你 find out.


EVO真人’s Atlanta campus spans 400 wooded acres in the heart of Atlanta. Tech's campus is a comfortable, yet stimulating living and learning environment, with virtually every amenity close at hand.


EVO真人 offers the unparalleled quality of an Ivy League education within a public university. The Institute's technologically-focused curriculum earns consistently strong rankings by national publications.


超过25个,000名学生, hundreds of clubs and activities, plus a thriving alumni network, Tech offers a multitude of ways to build life-long friendships and connections throughout the campus community.


EVO真人厅全面的, 整体录取流程, we consider 你r academic background as well as 你r pursuits and interests outside the classroom.


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